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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech

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  • Time of issue:2020-02-13 00:00:00
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  Kaige resigned, and the Golden Rat welcomed the Chinese New Year. Looking back over the past year, with all East Rail foundry and loyal partners around the world, we once again wrote an industry legend with "transformation and transcendence". Here, on behalf of Shandong Dongtie Casting & Forging Co., Ltd., I would like to extend my sincere Chinese New Year greetings to all the families and partners who have worked hard in various positions! Sincerely wish everyone good health, happy family, successful career and success!
  The past year has been a year of hard work for East Rail Casting and Forging people, and a year of great achievements for East Rail Casting and Forging People! 2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year and the most milestone year in the company's development history. We use our own strength to once again lead the development of the industry! As the leader of China's abrasive steel ball industry, we have tried and explored all the way, but we have never stopped the pace of progress due to any difficulties! Because we firmly believe that every effort we make will give us a double reward! Looking back at the glory and glory created by East Rail Casting and Forging in the past 20 years, each aura is full of the sweat and wisdom of East Rail Casting and Forging. It is because of your hard work and selfless dedication that East Rail Casting and Forging was able to ride the wind and waves and go all the way! On behalf of the company, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been working behind the scenes for the development of East Rail Casting and Forging.
  In 2016, our theme is "New starting point, new height"! The new year opens new hopes, and a new beginning carries new dreams. Facing new challenges and opportunities, we will re-start, continue to lead the industry dynamics with passion, and continue to play the exemplary role of benchmarking companies in the grinding steel ball industry as always! What is hard to fear, what to stop danger! In the new year, East Rail Casting and Forging will further develop high-quality products and further strengthen strategic communication with partners, which will inevitably push our brand to a whole new level and open a new era in the development history of East Special Casting and Forging! We will work together to witness the company's leapfrog development, work hard to experience the exciting years, and share the joy of success with gratitude! I am convinced that in 2016, East Rail Casting and Forging will certainly take a never-ending attitude and work hard to forge ahead, ride the wind and waves, and return with full load!
  Finally, I wish once again every family and partner who are present at the scene a happy Chinese New Year and happiness! Wish East Rail's casting and forging tomorrow a rising star, bright and bright, step by step!

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