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Steel ball adding skills of ball mill in beneficiation equipment

The addition ratio of the ball mill steel ball size shall be determined according to factors such as the diameter of the ball mill, the hardness of the ore, the particle size of the ball mill,

Quality index of cast steel ball

High chromium ball quality indicators: The chromium content ≥10.0% and the carbon content between 1.80% and 3.20% are called high chromium balls. National standards require that the high chromium ball hardness (HRC) must be ≥58 and the impact value ak≥3.0J / ㎝2, if this hardness is reached,

The problem of the proportion of the steel ball and the ball mill

The problem of the ratio of the ball mill is a problem that often plagues people. The rationality of the formulation directly affects the production efficiency of the ball mill, and also affects the production quality of the ball mill to a certain extent.

The difference between forged steel ball and cast steel ball

The forged steel ball is forged by burning steel, and the cast steel ball is made by pouring molten steel into a ball mold.

Production process of forged steel ball

  Steel balls can be divided into two types according to the processing method:   1. Casting steel ball: It mainly uses waste steel as raw material. After the material is melted, it is casted by model and then cooled and shaped.   2, forging steel balls: using specific round steel produced by steel mills as raw materials, heating to a certain temperature by modern electric furnaces, and then forging the raw materials by air hammer and other equipment, and then quenching and tempering to make it qualitative.
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